Client Feedback

Each Garrington East Midlands home search agent has received outstanding client feedback built up over the years from a series of successful searches.

We are happy to provide further testimonials as well as arrange for verbal references as required.

Without Kate’s tireless efforts I’m not sure the purchase of our new home would have happened. Her approach left nothing to chance. I would strongly recommend her services to friends and colleagues when they are looking to purchase a new home.” – Mr R

We have bought property before and never used a buying/search agent but with a combination of tight criteria and dwindling housing stock we decided to employ Garrington and Kate Vincent to help with our search. Immediately, in these times of online searches, thumbnail property detail after thumbnail property detail and an apathetic approach from the majority of local estate agents, it was great to be able to talk to someone. Someone not only passionate about property but knowledgeable and with the experience to search in ways that we hadn’t considered, nor had the free time to pursue.  Kate took on the search as if it were her own and before long we had found our dream.  If Kate’s involvement had ended there then that would have been success enough but our partnership continued through the buying process where she became invaluable.  I am not sure whether buying in general is getting more complicated or whether ours was a special case ( I guess many of Kate’s clients would say that) but I am sure many people find the time stressful and uncertain.  Having Kate by our side, someone who goes through this process on a weekly basis was able to see us through to a successful closing.  I would 100% recommend Kate and Garrington to anyone looking for a new home. There are two significant moments with home ownership, selling and buying, doesn’t it make sense to have a professional help you with the buying part for a change?” – Mr C

“We are extremely grateful to Garrington for their lateral thinking and the revised plan which proves Garrington really understands its clients’ needs.” – Mr S

“The whole service was great and we will not hesitate to use your services again – Garrington were just fantastic and we would, without hesitation, recommend your services to our friends!” – Mr & Mrs W

“Not only are the individual team members professionally recognised amongst their peers, they are equally well regarded as an organisation and therefore carry with them substantial leverage in the negotiations.” – Mr H